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Wayne Wymore (shown here in a 2004 photograph) is a Systems Engineering theoretician. Here is his photograph, and his autobiography.

I am presenting two of his theoretical papers here. In the optimal paper (posted in the summer of 1997) Wayne shows that, contrary to Systems Engineering folklore, you can get an optimal supersystem by combining optimal subsystems, if there are certain restrictions on the tradeoff function. In the homophone paper (posted in the summer of 1998) he proves, among other things, that two systems have identical input/output behavior, if and only if they have isomorphic minimizations. This paper was rewritten and published as Wymore, A.W., and Bahill, A.T., "When can we safely reuse systems, upgrade systems, or use COTS components?" Systems Engineering, The Journal of the International Council on Systems Engineering, 3(2), 82-95, 2000.

Systems with identical input/output behavior are homophonic images. See my homograph and homophone file for a description of homophones.

On April 27, 2004 Wayne gave a lecture to my SIE-554b class on Research in Systems Engineering. It is available right here. Wymore lecture on Research in SE. It takes a few minutes to load and a few minutes to start up. It is a .wmv file. My computer plays it with Real Player.

Myke Wymore died November 21, 2008. Wayne Wymore died February 24, 2011.

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